Care + Storage of your One Free Spirit Design Co. Earrings

Polymer clay is a durable plastic-based clay that cures when it is baked at the correct temperature.  When baked properly, it can bend; however, please do not bend your polymer clay earrings because there is a breaking point. 

One Free Spirit Design Co. polymer clay earrings are exceptionally light weight and won’t weigh down your ear lobes!  They are so light that you may forget you are wearing them.  Some of my earrings weigh as little as 6 grams, that is less than a half an ounce (14 grams)!

To ensure your polymer clay earrings last, please do not sleep in or shower in your earrings. 

Clean your earrings with a baby wipe, make up wipe, or lint free jewelry cloth.

Store your polymer clay earrings in a secure place out of direct sunlight.  Earrings coated with resin can yellow with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.